Michael W. Kramer

Professor and Chair
Department of Communication

University of Oklahoma

Office: 405-325- 9503        Email: Michael Kramer


The opportunity to teach was the primary motivation for my career. Receiving recognition for my teaching has been very satisfying. I have received three teaching awards.


apple  2010 Outstanding Professor (student organization award) 
1999 Kemper Teaching Fellowship Award (campus-wide award) 
1995 Provost Junior Faculty Teaching Award (campus-wide award) 

If you are interested in particular courses I have taught in the past, you may view the syllabi below.

  • Com 3575 Business and Professional Communication (MU)
  • Com 3263 Organizational Communication (regularly at OU)
  • Com 4974 Senior Project (MU)
  • Com 8110 Introduction to Graduate Studies (MU)
  • Com 8120 Seminar in Quantitative Research Methods (MU)
  • Com 5333  Seminar in Organizational Communication (Spring 2012 at OU)
  • Com 6233 Seminar in Small Group Processes (Fall 2016 at OU)
  • Com 9430 Topics in Organizational Communication (MU)

My approach to teaching is to attempt to involve students in their learning as much as possible. This means that rather than lots of lecturing, I usually speak for less than 5 minutes at a time and then engage students in discussing the concepts and providing examples and applications from their own experiences. I frequently divide the class into pairs or small groups for short discussions and then have the pairs or groups report their ideas back to the class. I do activities in class when appropriate.

I have posted office hours, but most of my students realize that I am available much of the time during the normal work day and that if I am in and my door is open, you are welcome.

If you would like to know a little more about my teaching experience here is my history:

Martin Luther High School, Maspeth, New York, 1976-79
Luther High School South, Chicago, Illinois, 1979-84
Concordia Lutheran College, Austin, Texas, 1984-1991
University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri, 1991-2010
University of Oklahoma, 2010 to the present

Perhaps it is an indication of dedication or the blessing of good health, but in 30+ years of teaching, I have never missed a day of teaching due to illness.