Michael W. Kramer

Professor and Chair
Department of Communication

University of Oklahoma

Office: 405-325- 9503        Email: Michael Kramer

Michael W. Kramer, Ph.D. 

Welcome to the Web page of Michael W. Kramer, Professor and Chair in the Department of Communication at the University of Oklahoma.

If you wish to send me email, my address is mkramer@ou.edu.  You may also call me at my office 405-325-9503 or visit me in my office locate in 101 Burton Hall at 610 Elm Street near the student health center.

If you would like to find out more about the Department of Communication, visit the department at http://www.ou.edu/cas/deptcomm/.

If you teach organizational communication at the college level, I hope that you will consider using the textbook that Ryan Bisel and I recently published. Our textbook, Organizational Communication: A Lifespan Approach, (2017) with Oxford Press.

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Michael W. Kramer

Professor and
Department Chair 

William T. Kemper Fellow for Excellence in Teaching

education: PhD, University of Texas
email: mkramer@ou.edu
office: 102 Burton Hall
phone: 405-325-9503
fax: 405-325-7625